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How can we let your keynote speakers have more impact with their message?

It’s all in the preparation, really. My role begins weeks before the event – I call speakers to introduce myself but also go through their talk with their slides, so we are aligned.

A few hours before the talk, we sync expectations regarding the introduction, timing, audio, slides and Q&A.

On stage, the speaker and moderator are a team – if the speaker winks, I will know what to do ;-). The other way around, I give signs to guide the speaker through their talk. 

Collaboratively, we handle questions from the audience and make sure they feel that their question has been answered.

The biggest compliment I can get as a moderator is a speaker telling me how smoothly the presentation went. That’s when I’m satisfied as well!

Portfolio Highlights

TEDx Amsterdam Women Startup Award 2019

EMERCE Lean Innovation Summit 2019

EBF Conference 2019 Groningen University

YES!Delft UNConference 2019

Shell GameChanger HackWeek

Rotterdamse Zakenvrouw van het Jaar 2020

SDG House x Impact Hub – Sustainable Fashion

Odyssey Connect Hackathon 2020

FEBulous Alumni Event – University of Groningen

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