Creating a professional & safe environment on stage

Fire up your stage!

You’re going to host an event. You already have an outline for the program, you have asked potential speakers to present and have gotten in touch with catering suppliers. You’re well on your way to success.

The goals for your event are straightforward: You want to hear in-depth keynotes, the audience asking sharp questions and having them actively engaged instead of just listening in. The whole program should be a smooth ride from beginning to end. It should go by in no time, with participants taking away tons of new inspiration, ideas, contacts and action points.

Now, imagine the value you would add by having the right event moderator with you on the day!

An event moderator can glue the program together, keep an eye on the atmosphere and create a safe space for the audience to participate and express its thoughts. The right touch of entertainment and inspiration comes with the package, too. It is not something you would want to miss on!

Why book Rachelle Leerling for your meet-up?


       Inclusive, engages audience

       Interested and curious personality

        Improvises when necessary

       Critical listener


       Cooperative and well-prepared

–        Also available for Dutch-spoken events

Hiring the right moderator or table host

A panel discussion can easily turn heated, chaotic or perhaps even both! This is why it’s of utmost importance to structure it well. You want to make sure the audience is able to follow that discussion and that everyone in the panel takes the floor, one by one, without being interrupted.

I can support you in facilitating and moderating your panel discussion or round table. I can be tough, break in when things get out of hand and make sure the content remains on point. As a conversation moderator, I can ensure everyone’s voice is heard and that the topics on the agenda are actually covered.

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Let us get the most out of your event!

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