Entrepreneur, Mentor & Speaker

Rachelle Leerling started her entrepreneurial journey at age 20, engaging in various roles including the initiation of a startup-corporate collaboration platform at Europe’s #1 tech incubator, leading multiple innovation projects and taking the stage at renowned international conferences as an event moderator.

As she never formulated her description of ‘success’, she constantly felt frustrated and unfulfilled, seeking more and better. Resulting in overwhelm, energy depletion and unhappiness. After a business existential crisis, she decided to no longer do concessions on her well-being and true powers.

Formulating a life and business vision beyond the ordinary led her to co-found Growtribute with her partner Lennart van der Ziel. Their combined journey of personal development & entrepreneurship inspired them to create a growth track for intentional entrepreneurs and to enable them to have a massive impact in a sustainable, enjoyable way.

Rachelle currently helps entrepreneurs to 10X their health, happiness & business legacy simultaneously. 

Born in the Netherlands, partly raised in New Jersey, USA. Currently traveling the world as a location independent entrepreneur.

Visit our website below. Connect with me on socials. And feel free to book in a free Strategy Session with me.

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